Monday, April 17, 2017

sadhguru on life & more

there are many people in the world asking what is life about, why are they here, what is karma (vs. free choice), what is next and so on ... if you asked me, sadhguru really has the talent to put it straight and in really funny way => highly recommended :-)

you can follow him on facebook or at his isha foundation in order to learn more about many interesting topics in (spiritual) life and/or get practical advice on many things which can you help in your daily life

ENJOY few quotes/videos:
“Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.” —Sadhguru

The unfortunate reality in the world is, most people will know peace only with #death. It is time you do something about it in #life. - Sadhguru
what about few short videos? 
#1sadhguru on fear

#2 (miracle of life, breathing, most important thing in life is to be alive, to live as a joyful human being, try to stop breathing, ... i hope i will find this short+funny video, too). you know what? here is a video with similar message:

#3 ten quotes

#4 sadhguru on marriage, intelligence hijacked by hormones, children (20-year-project), ...

#5 sadhguru on joy and happiness

#6 sadhguru on karma, especially on this moment's karma

#7 sadhguru on bhagavad gita

as you see, in some way or the other way, i'm still influenced by our last year's india journey

more coming soon or never :-)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

ostermarsch für frieden ~ easter march for peace

again in the street for peace ~ easter march 2017 in many german cities, here few pictures from munich (otermarsch für frieden, münchen). 

übrigens, wenn wir schon beim thema frieden-krieg sind, hier ein link auf eine mega-gute-erklärung für den syrienkrieg vom prof. daniele ganser in 5 minuten (pipeline aus dem katarisch-iranischem gasfeld über syrien ... die katarische pipeline hat assad abgelehnt, nun steht ein regimechange und 'assad muß weg' auf der NATO- und sunnitischen agenda)

wer waffen liefert, sät krieg und erntet terror (und flüchtlinge)
immer gerne zitiert ~ albert einstein
 so true! :-)
5 of us for peace
hexenmord im mittelalter ... verdammt, wieso sind wir menschen so verdammt intolerant und blutrünstig? (war inquisition der versuch damaliger 'wissenschaft' andersdenkende abzuschlachten? vgl. heather marsh)

more pictures here

#ostermarsch2017 #eastermarchforpeace

Friday, April 14, 2017

heather marsh - destruction of society & nation states

my dear readers, i would like to present heather marsh and her great socio-critical GeorgieBC's Blog to you today. i've subscribed to it long time ago and do read her articles with pleasure. well, not all of them because they are sometimes quite long, but from time to time :-). does someone still remember her blog about Worl War III reposted here in 2014?

source: wikipedia

find here two articles i liked a lot recently:
  • The destruction of society ~ [cite] The erasure of value from women’s work was necessary for the enslavement of women. The enslavement of women was necessary for outside ownership of their bodies, the factories producing the labour force.[cite] ... [cite] trade economy ... The division of men and women was the most important class division ... women in medieval Europe as they were the keepers of medicinal knowledge and the medical practitioners ... Between the twelfth and the seventeenth centuries, the witch hunt which raged over Europe and the Americas killed untold numbers of women and indigenous healers who practiced medicine or had medical knowledge at the same time that the institution of all male professional medicine was being established ... Traveling healers were replaced by traveling priests and professional doctors ..... The Inquisition was not, as it is depicted today, an attack against men of science, it was an attack for and by men of science. [cite]
pictures from easter march for peace, medieval arts in munich
  • There are no nation states ~ tribal land ... [cite] Tribal loyalty to their own land and people is the biggest obstacle to those who would exploit that land. The primary enemy of corporations everywhere is indigenous people. People with land and strong tribal bonds do not need money which is just an artificial, dissociated form of societal approval. Tribes already have their own source of approval in each other and that approval is contingent on them staying with their tribe and fighting for their land. There are still battles fought all over the world to sever or weaken any ties people still hold to their own land and their own nations, to somehow force or trick them into leaving their land and then destroy any chance they ever have of returning. 
To remove power from families and nations and install a state governance system of law and corporate dependency, communities around the world were dismantled. Besides efforts to move, murder, terrorize or starve out indigenous communities, there has been a great deal of social destruction caused by state institutions such as schools and churches. [cite] ... [cite]The task of the trade economy has been not only to break the bonds between the humans in each society but also to uproot the society itself from any connection to its surroundings. .... While nations can be transplanted or migrate to other territories, nations which are pulled from their ecosystems and made to live as landless workers in the trade economy immediately begin to dissociate from each other as they begin to rely on state or corporate institutions to meet their needs. Once people no longer have land, they are at the mercy of the trade economy and they have no choice but to use currency as a dissociated form of approval. ....  Nations are people, states are corporations. Nations create Us, states create the Other. [cite]
more coming soon or never :-)


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

oskar lafontaine - 5 minuten für den FRIEDEN

wenn ihr mich fragen würdet, für die welt ist es 5 vor 12.

was haltet ihr von 5 minuten (2 + 3) oskar lafontaine? der alte friedensaktivist hat sooooo recht, warum will es bloß der deutsche ottonormalverbraucher nicht hören/verstehen und entsprechend handeln?

verdammt, gelingt es uns den westlichen imperialismus und dessen aggressionskriege zu stoppen oder stopp dieser imperialismus die zivilisation als solche?

angesichts des amerikanischen angriffs auf syrien vor paar tagen sind oskars botschaften aktueller denn je....

3 MIN: oskar lafontaine auf der Stopp-Ramstein-Kundgebung in ramstein / Kaiserslautern 

(NATO, drohnenkriege, rohstoffe, absatzmärkte, atomare drohung, ukraine, libyen, syrien, afghanistan, irak, TTIP, TISA, fireidlicher handel, freihandel <> mit subventionierte agrarprodukte afrika plattmachen, usa will/tut rußland einkreisen, frieden mit rußland statt konfrontation, ...., )

2 MIN: oskar lafontaine über den mörderischen terrorstaat USA

(lügen, presse, lügengebäude, 'verteidigungsetat', interventionskriege, medien, kriegslogik, angelsächsische brandstifter, naher ost in brand gesetzt, waffenlieferungen, ISIS von USA stark gemacht, völkerrecht einhalten, weltfrieden, drohnenmörder (obama))

john lennon - give peace a chance :-)

ok, oskar lafontaine ist sicherlich nicht der einzige deutsche politiker, der gegen krieg ist. aber seine partei, die linke, ist leider die einzige partei im bundestag die gegen kriege und deutsche beteiligung an den (NATO aggressions-)kriegen ist. hier noch paar reden von sahra wagenknecht und gregor gysi .... so traurig, das ganze ... vor allem, wie egal es der deutschen bevölkerung alles ist :-(. wird unsere spaß- und party gesellschaft auch dann noch jubeln, wenn die USA einen krieg gegen rußland provozieren, dann von deutschland aus (ramstein & co.) krieg führen und die amerikanischen atomwaffenstützpunkte in deutschland das ziel der russischen abwehr sein werden? hmmmmmm ....


Sunday, April 9, 2017

bhagavad gita ~ the ancient indian philosophy of life

well, it is already more than 1 year ago we have been to rajasthan (india).
in order to learn more about hinduism / india i followed the idea our travel guide suggested and i've read the 800+ pages of bhagavad gita. the book describes a dialog between god krishna and prince arjuna on the historic battlefield at kurukshetra. the chariot driver krishna (krshna) answers his friend arjuna 100 questions and doing so explains the philosophy of life. the bhagavad gita (often just gita or geeta) is a part of the ancient indian vedas (knowledge texts). btw, in slovak language means the word 'veda' science, so it has to do with wisdom in every case :-)
my dears, my edition of bhagavad gita was the worst book ever i read and finished. what does it mean? well, it was somehow special so i couldn't drop it into a corner, but many parts of it made me really aggressive. i do not think the ancient sanskrit original would have similar impact on me. why? what made me crazy were the commentaries in this edition which simply did not comment the verses but in a highly manipulative way told the reader what is right and what is wrong. there was no space for own interpretation and own thinking as the book was full of commandments, beliefs, duties, hierarchies, did not respect the women and much more of such issues. i especially did not like the 'always right' advice, if only we would serve krishna and chant all day his name, everything would be fine [unfortunately, i read the edition by 'hare krishna' editor sri srimad a. c. bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada ~ hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare. hare rama, hare rama, rama rama, hare hare.]
if possible, choose a different edition to read that interesting stuff by yourself, will you? :o) of course, there were also many interesting ideas/explanations/beliefs about the sense of life, what is after physical death, about the soul and it was nice explained why we should not eat animals ...
vishnu, brahma + lakshmi (krishna is the 6th incarnation of vishnu ~ find this (wikipedia) picture and read more about the main hindu gods in my rajasthan (india) blog post)

let repeat first, what hinduism is according the knowledge/impressions i've collected last year in northern india:
hinduism is the wisdom, way of life, teaching about the circle of life which consists of millions of lives... originally was hindu the (wrong) persian name for the north indian river of sindhu (indus) and hindus all people who lived behind the river sindhu .... the term hinduism was used by the english occupiers for the religion which was not islam, christianity, buddhism, sikhism, jainism, ...
hinduism teaches that the result of former actions is our today's life and the result of today's actions is our future. btw, our body is the result of the food we have had before as well. if only mcdonald's and monsanto knew :-) ... doing good brings good future (good karma), etc. the goal of hindus is to step out of the karma cycle and thus the join of the current individual soul with the (higher) global collective soul ...

more coming soon or never ;-)

chakka, i've got a hint to better explained bhagavad gita wisdom ==> please read what sadhguru has to say:

if you don't know sadhguru at all, here are 2-3 short videos of his teaching:
#1 fear

#2 (miracle of life, breathing, sense of life is to live, try to stop breathing,  .. i hope i will find this short+funny wisdom, too)

#3 ten quotes

Sunday, April 2, 2017

what makes us happy? and heathy? good RELATIONSHIPS, says the longtime harward study on happiness :-)

ted talks (ideas worth spreading, tedx) presents Robert Waldinger:

what makes a good life? lessons from the longest study on happiness (75+ years, since 1938) taken by harvard university on two groups of people: harvard students and folks from boston's poorest neighborhood ... amazing results :-)

there is so much wisdom in this short 12 minutes presentation, thus do not miss it :-)
it is not about being rich or famous, my dears ... happyness and health (also mental health in old age) comes more with good relationships to family, friends & communities than with economic success ... (sorry for so much disappointment + loneliness you have encountered in your old age, my dear mother)  => what about replacing screen time with people time TODAY?

link to original source HERE


Saturday, April 1, 2017

zugspitze ~ top of germany

even if we have april now, it is still nice natural snow at zugspitze, the highest peak in germany (2962 or 2963 meter high) and one of very few remaining glacier areas ~ let's enjoy the probably last opportunity for skiing this winter season. it was a very bad ski season for me, i was only once or twice skiing ... like in christlum (austria) in late january
the summit
the ski area
top of germany

hotel iglu-dorf (igloo village)
good-bye zugspitze, see ya next year again :-)

more pictures here. or would you prefer sunny pictures from some previous winter season?