Thursday, March 23, 2017

yangon / myanmar (rangoon / burma)

our next stop after singapore was yangon, the biggest city of myanmar, former known as rangoon and burma.
  • myanmar, the golden land, which we would probably call the land of the everywhere lying waste today
  • yangon? well, it is a 5 million souls metropole where all maynmar's nations & religions co-exist close to each other, i would say peacefully co-exist...
  • there are many, many huge rivers in yangon, just see the picture where 3 of them merge together
  • my most interesting experience? the trash hero myanmar action: cleaning of the botataung jetty => thank you folks for making the planet a better place :-)
... more coming soon or never ...
botataung pagoda (botahtaung)
what a tourist attraction, two europeans :-)
in the streets of yangon
shwedagon pagoda
good-bye, shwedagon pagoda
two of us
sule pagoda
the botataung jetty, the place where our beautiful ship hotel was :-)
what about a 'how to' video from trash hero facebook page? here we GO
 the yangon river is not the biggest one in yangon, if you asked me :-)
on board of the vintage luxury yacht hotel, which was not much more expensive than the hostel we have had in yangon after we came back from bagan
swastika = symbol of good luck
more pictures here

Saturday, March 4, 2017

prof. mausfeld - Die Angst der Machteliten vor dem Volk

prof . rainer mausfeld bei IPPNW (klick!), februar 2017

superinteressanter vortrag vom prof. rainer mausfeld über historische ENTWICKLUNG der volksverblödung (= mentalvergiftung) seitens sogenannter 'eliten' um aus ehemals mündigen bürgern eine apathische, abgelenkte, nichtdenkende masse (= 'volk') zu bilden, welche sich höchstens für sport- und comics-seiten der tageszeitungen interessiert (big brother, bauer sucht frau, promi-dschungelcamp, DSDS & co. gehen gerade noch, oder?) und welche die demokratie mit abwerfen der stimme in eine wahlurne begräbt ...

quelle kenFM bei youtube .... aus dem inhaltsverzeichnis:

00:01:20 Die Metapher von den Schafen und dem Hirten: Die Beziehung zur Demokratie von unten und von oben betrachtet

00:14:25 Eliten und ihre Herrschaftstechniken: Psychische und physische Machtausübung - Basisideologie von Soft-power als Rechtfertigungsideologie

00:29:33 Volk und Elite: Warum das Volk zum eigenen Wohle belogen werden soll

00:36:54 Affektive und kognitive Mentalvergiftung, um Kritik am Zentrum der Macht zu verunmöglichen - Falschwörter und Denuziationsbegriffe

00:45:50 Die amerikanische Ideologie des Exzeptionalismus

00:55:12 Meinungsmanipulation: Aktualindoktrination - Propaganda in den Medien. Tiefenindoktrination - Schulsysteme im Sinne der Herrschaftsideologie

01:00:44 Tiefenindoktrination: Benevolenz - die Idee vom selbstlosen Imperium zur Durchsetzung des hegemonialen Anspruchs

01:13 - 01:15 - nato osterweiterung und gefahr eines 3-ten weltkriegs, den usa gegen rußland anzetteln könnten und somit europa als atomares schlachtfeld opfern würden :-( ==> west-, süd, mittel-, nord- und ost- EUROPÄER, bitte aufwachen und zusammen mit rußland für europäische sicherheit sorgen ....

01:18:13 Tiefenindoktrination: Repräsentative Demokratie zur Abwehr von Demokratie und Unsichtbarmachung alternativer Demokratiekonzeptionen

01:28:01 Aufklärung vs Gegenaufklärung: Humanitärer Universalismus und die Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen Neoliberalismus und Faschismus

01:30 - 01:38 - PFLICHTLEKTÜRE - die echten machteliten sind unsichtbar (großkonzerne, lobbyisten & co.), das volk wählt seine hirten nur noch aus verschiedenen repräsentanten der machteliten ;o(, verrechtlichung der organisierten kriminalität der besitzenden klasse (steuerrecht, CETA, TTIP, neoliberalismus, ...). adios frankreich 1789 = die gleichwertigkeit aller menschen ... die machteliten haben kein intersse den weg der zerstörung der gesellschaft und natur aufzugeben, die weltrettung kann nur von UNS von UNTEN kommen!

Prof. Mausfeld hat noch eine Ausarbeitung des Vortrags mit einigen zusätzlichen Ergänzungen und ausführlichen Quellenhinweisen erstellt. Die Ausarbeitung ist unter diesem Link verfügbar: (Demokratie-Management durch Soft Power-Techniken) HIER

Saturday, February 18, 2017

stop NATO, stop WAR

the title says it all :-)

enjoy few pictures from anti NATO, anti WAR protest in munich concerning the so called 'security' conference ('SiKo'). the original name in 1963, wehrkundetagung (military congress) explains what is the NATO dominated meeting of industry + politics about ...
well, we have been about 3,000 to 4,000 activists, some of us organized in various peace organizations, some others unorganized ...
peace and love instead of NATO+WAR? what a great idea :-)
throw NATO into the trash bin :-)
these ukrainian folks were not part of the peace protest movement ... they probably love the war in eastern ukraine :-( 
the final event after the march around the conference place in the noble hotel bayerischer hof was at the marienplatz
super speech from lisa fitz / und hier ist die superrede von lisa fitz

more pictures here
last year's event here

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

singapore (SG)

our eldest daughter just finishes her studies. she got the chance to write her final paper at the NTU technical university in singapore working for a joint venture company between the NTU and my german employer, the BMW car company.
well, the best of all wives and me welcomed the opportunity to visit southeast asia again and spent two and half weeks there. of course, the main goal was to see how our daughter lives (+ studies + works), but we have visited also a colleague of mine who works in singapore for three years now, strange + incredible myanmar and also spent few days at a beach in bintan / indonesia with our daughter + her boyfriend, who also works in singapore these days. please do not think half munich moved to singapore yet, but yes, there are few friends of ours right now there :-)

our stops were:
  • singapore, singapore - insights + pictures below :-)
  • yangon, myanmar
  • bagan, myanmar ... insights + pictures coming soon :-)
  • singapore, singapore
  • bintan, indonesia ... insights + pictures coming soon :-)
  • penyengat, indonesia ... the museum island in front of bintan's capitol tanjung pinang ... insights + pictures coming soon :-)
  • singapore, singapore
our impressions about singapore? here we go:
the biggest shock for me was the huuuuuge number of ships in front of the singaporean harbour, probably the 2nd busiest harbour in the world. when i have seen at our perfect flight back home with air france also the documentary about the (container) ships which transport all the stuff we use around the world and probably only the biggest 20 of them (!!!) pollute that much like all cars of the world (iselectric mobility for cars really that important from global point of view?), my big picture was complete ... (to do: link 2 youtube ... i'm still looking for this documentary, but here is a similirar opinion about (container) shipping at ted talks)
  • the commercial western style country in the very east
  • probably world's only island city-state
  • much more green and much less crowded as i supposed it would be while reading the key numbers at wikipedia about that small island (nation)
  • currently only 719 square kilometers big, but growing as singapore won already about 130 km2 since its independence (from malaysia) in 1965
  • 5,6 million inhabitants, mostly of chinese origin (approx. 75%). the other 2 big ethnic groups are malays and indians, which remembers us of our stay in malaysia 2015 and 2012
  • strange but clever tax system with very very low income tax (up to max. 15%). there is cheap food + cheap public transport + cheap taxi transport too, but really high (luxury?) taxes on alcohol, cars & Co. ... 
 metal trees and walk ways? what a strange world :-(
marina bay sands
the interlace, one of the nicest condominiums out there
  • clean (almost sterile) environment, surveillance via cameras, many restrictions + hard fines, low level of freedom + civil liberties + political rights ... but if you asked me, the singaporeans do not care and do not complain too much about it, because they are mostly really rich ... => looks like a clever and fine working dictatorship with really satisfied citizens :-)
  • extremely wet tropical climate as SG lies just one degree (137 km) north of the equator
  • after 8 kilometers at the floor plus 300 meters in the tree tops out of 10 kilometers of our walk around the macritchie water reservoir came a stop sign, the bridge was closed :-((  ... wtf, they really couldn't place any information at the two base entry points for this hiking tour? wtf again ... yes, we went back 3 or 4 km to the parking place where we could grab a taxi back to our hotel
two monkeys walking around the macritchie water reservoir
 little india + chinatown:
 in a chinese buddhist temple
indian (tamil) hindu temple
  • chinese new year (CNY) celebrations took place many days
  • there are two big universities in singapore, 'our' campus tour by i3 traffic scanning vehicle was at the NTU, the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore
the BMW project cars i3 + i8 + two beautiful women in the NTU garage will boost the electric mobility (electromobility?) in singapore for sure, if you asked me :-)
  •    ... more coming soon or never ... 
more pictures HERE