Sunday, October 8, 2017

taxi am shabbat

the reason for our visit in dachau was the world premiere of the new book (in german) about the last jews in eastern europe written by my cousin eva gruberova and her husband helmut zeller: taxi am shabbat
if you asked me, the book has a character of a documentary as it describes many individual fates from jews in hungary, ukraine, slovakia, czech republic, lithuania ... we bought one of the much to few prepared samples (the printery / publisher was not ready for all that interested readers, i guess), so i will post an update when i read through, promissed. but please be patient as i have actually 2 another books in my reading pipeline :o)

of course, we enjoyed the opportunity to walk around in dachau and discovered a beautiful hundertwasser-style house out there:
in the middle of the picture you can see part of the dachau castle on a small hill
 after the solemn reading there was a lot of time to celebrate with family & friends afterward :-)
 good-bye dachau, i hope to see you soon again
more pictures here
their former project was the documentary born in concentration camp

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

oktoberfest 2017

oktoberfest2017 is over => but let's look back for a while :-)

how everything begun in 1810
how it begun in 2017: the run for beer or were all of these folks hypnotized by colleague of my wife olf (hypnotist; but during the oktoberfest an almond seller in family business) who made this video from INSIDE the feast area. who knows?
if you asked me, this video reveals a lot what is wrong in our world. in order to help others or to save the nature there would not be that many folks running like crazy, would they?

enjoy few pictures and insights as i have been this year twice. at the very first day (09/16) and at the very last day of this oktoberfest (10/03) ...
 two of us
augustiner beer is currently the probably most popular bier in munich
löwenbräu beer tent
... the oide wiesn (the old oktoberfest) is a paid area with few historic attractions
family on tour :-)
 late(r) at night
more pictures? here
few pictures from an earlier visit? here


Sunday, October 1, 2017

stift melk ~ melk abbey ~ austria

on the way back from slovakia we stopped by in melk abbey (benediktinerkloster stift melk, vorher auch stift mölk) in the wachau area of austria, at the beautiful unesco heritage benedictine monastery built 1702–1746 above the danube river. 

it is beautiful from outside + from inside, my dears and among others, it accomodates austrias oldest still operating high school (gymnasium).

enjoy few pictures:
the church inside melk abbey as seen from the river danube ~ source: thomas ledl / CC-BY-SA 4.0 / wikipedia (english)
inside the church
looks like crazy chemtrails over the blue sky, doesn't it?
library ~ source rollroboter/CC-BY-SA 4.0 / wikipedia (german)
hello dad :-)
more pictures here

Saturday, September 23, 2017


on our way back from a great, great birthday party in nuremberg (nürnberg), we have visited the medieval franconian (fränkisch, franken) city of schwabach. did you know that schwabach is also the (czeck + slovak) name of the old german 'gothic' scripture (schrift) from 15th century also called schwabacher?
enjoy few pictures + insights, but first please reward our under brute pressure enforced trial to paint the expression of our souls :-)
my masterpiece
my sweeties workmanship
schwabach (i love these timber framework houses (fakwerkhäuser)):
there was the yearly schwabacher funfair, too
(modern) virgin mary in front of the main church in schwabach?

of course we did not miss the chance to swim in the beautiful lake pfraundorfer see close to beilngries 
more pictures here.